1. Maison Kaleidoscope
Designed by Ekaterina Kambarova

Founded in 2015

The Maison Kaleidoscope brand was founded in 2015. The philosophy of the Maison Kaleidoscope brand is to change the traditional perception of knitwear through creativity, the use of modern techniques and high-quality materials. The brand has become famous for its long cardigans with a variety of textures and unique prints, designed by professional artists. A special place in the collection is occupied by exclusive models decorated with beads, pearls and ostrich feathers.

The creation of the Maison Kaleidoscope collections is closely intertwined with the work of the founder of the brand, Ekaterina Kombarova, as an artist. "Jungles" by Maison Kaleidoscope is inspired by the animal nature of a woman who can try on the features of different animals, a woman who is in harmony with herself and with nature.

Rich colors and animal prints were chosen to create the collection to highlight the strengths of the female character. Each print embodies the qualities inherent in a woman by nature itself: zebra - the spirit of freedom and dynamics, python - flexibility and mystery, leopard - grace and fortitude, birds and butterflies - weightlessness and tenderness. The collection is made of high-quality Australian merino wool, Egyptian cotton, Italian viscose and is decorated with airy feathers, embroidery with beads and bugles, as well as complemented by original brooches in the shape of animals.

This love for nature was visible in the prints for this collection, featuring palm leaves, leopard print and soft, flamingo feather pink. Meditations on camouflage were also seen, with many of the brands signature long kaftan-like robes sporting pink, green and blue camo patterns. An exotic and vibrant collection to start of the day right.

  1. SOLKO
Designed by Ivan Fedorov

SOLKO is the first Yakut brand of stylish women's clothing made from natural fabrics. This is a capsule collection of high-quality suits, dresses, blouses, as well as basic jersey and bijouterie. The brand focuses on the national component, all patterns and designs are developed in Yakutsk, in collaborations with Yakut designers and artists.

In the modern world, a woman can be not only a mother and a keeper of the hearth, but at the same time build a career, get an education, develop, learn to sing and dance, attend exhibitions, travel, devote time to her beloved work. All this inspired the designers to create their own brand. The main idea of the brand is multifunctionality. The brand offers a capsule wardrobe in which there are not many things, but none of them will hang in the closet and wait in the wings.

This FW-20/21 collection is a tribute to the strong Yakut nature and its harsh climatic conditions, which formed the basis of the collection. Inspired by natural contrasts, national motives of the native Sakha people, developing in bright modern times, eclectic images of a soft and daring northern girl.

The collection contains the women's national dress haladai - comfortable cut, natural fabrics, laconic minimalism, soft lines, airy silhouettes with traditional motifs - gives a feeling of confidence and closeness to natural aesthetics.

Taking into account the climatic features of the region, the designer used mostly natural fabrics that can keep you warm - silk, wool and cotton.

Puffy accessories and skin-tight leather dresses completed this beautifully ethnic collection, showing traditional craftsmanship applied to modern silhouettes.

  1. kØd
Designed by Natasha Timofeeva and Olesia Moldavskaya

Founded in 2020

The ideological inspirers and creators of the kød brand are Olesia and Natasha. kØd (from Danish "flesh") - is an individual code of a modern person. Each element carries the author's personal details. Many products are designed to be worn in an inverted fashion. The main goal of the brand is to meet the needs of men and women, helping to create and express their identity, where inner you would equal the outer you. Clothing is, first of all, a symbol of belonging to one's inner sense of oneself as a Human.

Natasha and Olesia consider uniqueness, environmental friendliness, quality and a conscious attitude to consumption as their priority. Designers see in the future a synthesis of Man and Woman - two sexes in a harmonious interaction, equivalent and complete, in which there is no place for suppression.

The "Incarnation" collection is inspired by the classic men's wardrobe. Men's clothing is like a blank canvas: loose fit, straight silhouettes give room for imagination, allow you to introduce any print, play with the texture of the fabric and design. Therefore, the brand is not afraid to go against gender stereotypes.

In their collection, designers prefer simple and sustainable materials.

The idea of a Man runs through the entire collection as a constant thread. The collection is nostalgia, it is memories and ideas that have been accumulated to be realized now.

Suits adorned with giant bushels of flowers and hay, robes of deep red crafted from woolen strands and oversized puffer coats in a deep bronze color all collided in this genderless, avant-garde collection. Placing an emphasis on the sewing and stitching, with a red line running through all the hems, this collection was a find for any artist starving to express their creativity through their clothes. Abstract patterns on the cardigans, trousers and jackets and bold accessories (oversized fabric carnations, bucket handbags and hats and fascinators) made "Incarnation" a collection to watch and showed kØd as a formidable brand. Finishing the show off was an incredible patchwork dress that featured leather gloves, painted canvas and a variety of other eclectic elements.

Designed by Anita Lyutvinskaya

Founded in 2019

LUTANI is an elegant and sexy womenswear brand that embraces sustainable fashion. Clothes are produced in St. Petersburg, and fabrics and accessories are ordered throughout Europe.

The NOT (crossed out) THIS WAY SS-20 collection is a way of expressing themselves for the bright and independent. Garments for those who love to dress up.

The style is an eclectic mix of chic, rock and elegance. Bright colors, unusual textures, sharp accents, thermochromic fabrics, a combination of bright details and subtle romantic images. The heroine of the brand is a girl who is trying to find herself, experimenting with classes, trying to do everything, to be everywhere and at once, her moods and desires can change, she is surrounded by an endless carousel of events, but only one thing in her life remains unchanged. LUTANI stays with her wherever she goes.

A video presentation showed the LUTANI woman - both holistic and a party girl, she can stay up all night and still be fresh enough in the morning to go shopping for flowers. The LUTANI collection - capes, dresses and strawberry-pink raincoats - accompany her on her travels.

  1. LES' by Lesia Paramonova
Designed by Lesia Paramonova

Founded in 2012

LES' by Lesia Paramonova is not just a clothing brand. This is a whole magical world that exists parallel to reality, with its own atmosphere, characters and mood. The brand designer Lesia Paramonova considers her main task to create a special - unlike anything else - world and to provide an opportunity to penetrate into it, to become a part of it.

The main feature of the brand is Lesia Paramonova's author's prints and the unique concept of each collection.

Curved realities, time loops, hypotrochoids and sound waves, mirror reflections, magic symbols and ritual dances, ancient rituals and the power of natural energy - all this is not a random set of words, but a summary of the new author's prints LES' by Lesia Paramonova.

The search for oneself through constant transformations and transformations, a complete fall to the bottom and an absolute ascent to heaven with a wingspan long into infinity - this is the Pagans collection.

The collection uses mainly natural materials. Cotton and silk fabrics are decorated with the author's magical prints by Lesia Paramonova.

Presented alongside a beautiful short film of women swaying and dancing in traditional folksy dresses, this collection embodied its title well - paganistic influences ran throughout the garments: floral patterns, ritualistic head accessories and new edgy tones of swampy greens and blues.

Tied off with felt strings, adorned with geometric occult makeup and meditatively slow, the collection made a smart choice by infusing Balkan traditional influences with Indian national dress and silhouette.

  1. Yana Besfamilnaya
Designed by Yana Besfamilnaya

Founded in 2016

Each collection by Yana Besfamilnaya presents a new story, a different embodiment of the heroine and her wardrobe, in which each product transforms, changes shape and fit.

The brand's clothing is designed for multi-layered looks and style mix. Another distinctive feature of the items is the emphasized feminine lines and silhouettes. The designer values comfort and convenience that don't conflict with femininity.

The heroine of the brand lives in a world that is constantly changing, and she likes such life. She not only adapted to the changes, she enjoys them, every new day and every new look of the world inspires her.

The philosophy of transformation isn't just about clothing. This is an attitude towards life. Step by step, the brand is approaching the goal of becoming a completely sustainable brand. The designer does not use animal fur and natural leather in the production of her collections, and also produces small collections and does not accumulate leftovers.

Even more feminine and even softer than usual, features in the new Yana Besfamilnaya collection are inspired by the work of Henri Matisse.

Deliberately delicate and feminine lines and freedom of embodiment are the inherent features of the brand, read in each collection, now the designer tells in a new, more exaggerated reading.

This collection also brings back knitwear to the brand, which opens up freedom to create and create unusual shapes, textures and patterns: fancy hand-knitted pieces look like reproductions of several Matisse pieces, folded into one.

Layering, a combination of several silhouettes, textures, colors in one thing and, of course, transformation - the classic Yana Besfamilnaya, opened in this collection in a new interpretation.

Presented as a dynamic and streetwise fashion collection, the new Yana Besfamilnaya is dynamic and powerful - dressed, puffer coats, colorful jumpers and tailored coats of patchwork comprise this excellent offering of streetwear.

  1. SXEMA


SXEMA is a group of enthusiasts from various creative fields. Machine learning, character animation, 3D graphics, clothing and shoe designers.

The project began as an experiment to create an architectural neural network. Having slightly changed the parameters of Artificial Intelligence, the designers realized that a neural network can become a full-fledged participant in the creative process. Artificial design intelligence does not target anyone. He is able to create new amazing and unexpected combinations and patterns, thereby symbolizing the transition from one reality to another.

100 billion pieces of clothing are produced annually in the world. The waste volume of the fashion industry reaches 92 million tons. The brand adheres to the concept of sustainable development. Since the fashion industry is currently undergoing a process of rethinking and redistributing resources, the design team decided to implement these works in 3D clothing.

The SXEMA brand collection is dedicated to the collective image of the reality. All graphics of the collection are developed by a neural network, Artificial Intelligence processes thousands of photographs of typical housing and combines them in various ways, often resorting to rather unusual solutions.

The collection's silhouettes are inspired by the latest streetwear trends. Avant-garde elements are combined with wearable ones, so that the image can be disassembled and used in different situations.

SXEMA cares about the environment and strives to minimize the damage caused by overproduction. The products of the collection can be measured and worn in a digital space, getting exactly the same pleasure as from living things.

They presented a futuristic glitch-art short film, showing off cyberpunk garments via a runway show by 3D models. The virtual collection featured spandex, plastic raincoats, leopard print and oversized scarves and urban camouflage.

Designed by anonymous

Founded in 2015

MAISON ESVE, founded in 2015, creates seasonal collections of demi-couture, as well as capsules as part of collaborations. The attention to detail and the abundance of handicraft is what is primarily associated with MAISON ESVE, and feather clutches have already become the hallmark of the brand.

The SS-21 Joséphine collection is dedicated to one of the brightest and most famous dancers of the 1920s, Josephine Baker, who have been inspiring the intellectuals and artists up to this day. Colorful performances and crazy parties from the Golden Twenties gave an idea to the designers of the MAISON ESVE brand to create a collection full of sparkle and shine. The crazy twenties mood has become the main starting point for tailoring and decoration. The collection combines velvet with metal, organza with jersey, lace with cashmere and sequins with silk. Relaxed organza capes and kimonos, combined with fringed dresses and velvet suits, carry over to the jazz era, while piercings, metallic elements, chain fringes and rhinestone-studded rep ribbons give the collection a modern look and sharpness. The abundance of details and hand-crafted handbags remain a recognizable brand identity.

A sparkling and fabulous evening wear collection, featuring silvery metallic gowns and very Chanel shirt and skirt combos, alongside shiny holographic cowboy jackets and athleisure one-piece catsuits.

Designed by Lillia Kisilenko

Founded in 1999

St. Petersburg-based designer Lilia Kiselenko has been a key fashion figure in the Northern Capital of Russia for more than twenty years. The looks created by the designer Lilia Kiselenko always paradoxically combine the most seemingly incompatible properties and at the same time turn out to be completely harmonious. The designer reflects on the theme of femininity and spiritual independence, allowing him to see that despite the determination and independence, a modern woman can remain defenseless, touching and naive.

Comfortable original cut of KISSELENKO brand models, impeccable line, harmony of proportions, traditional for Lilia Kiselenko, simplicity of form and strict graphic design are designed to make the center of attention not the suit, but the one who wears it.

Presented on a descending escalator inside an empty shopping mall, this elegant and classic collection showed a wide variety of dark and brooding looks in deep bordeaux, black and grey, with outerwear forming the crux of the collection. Suits and raincoats were accompanied by intricate cardigans, sweaters, dresses showing keen attention to the tailoring. Oil-slick shimmering shirts and skirts in beautiful wine red, some sporting frilled collars. A gothic yet unmistakably modern collection that contained some fascinating Fall ideas.

Founded by Sergey Sysoev

Founded in 1996

Sergey Sysoev is one of the leading designers of Russian fashion, the creator of his own brand SERGEY SYSOEV. The designer is also known for his educational activities, conducts a master's program and is an assistant professor at the Fashion Department of the Kosygin Russian State University.

In SS-21 collection titled "Who are we today?", art & science laboratory of fashion artist Sergey Sysoev has developed a new method of personal self-identification using the unit of measurement of the latest anthropology. The unlimited possibilities of nano-staining of tissues of Academician Alexander Andrievsky became the beginning of a new art-scientific experiment. A hybrid of coloristic synthesis and the artistic world of images has become the basis for creating unique abstract combinations in which everyone can see their own space.

Self-awareness of new freedom occurs through the variability of the choice of shades and compositional combinations. Technological nanoscience of the last generation is embodied in the philosophy of changing all concepts and purposes.

Memories take on new meanings. The photo comes to life again in jersey jacquard, transforming into clothes. The bag transforms into a clutch. The plaid turns out to be a cape. The scarf becomes a slogan. The men's suit hybridizes with the sweatshirt, reincarnating in new forms. The women's suit flows into pajamas. The body has new elements - long sleeves, sweatshirts and hoodies. New comfort envelops with its shapes. Gloves and socks become a second skin. Lettering is embodied in incrustation and jacquard patterns. The shoe migrates from accent to transparent plastic, becoming almost invisible.

A multilayered collection, filled with forest pattern, deep palettes of fuchsia, cerulean and purples and free-flowing silhouettes.

In unexpected plots, hidden in complex color layers, the rose of the artist Elena Sotnikova, created in the style of intuitive impressionism, is hidden. Immersion in new worlds is due to her unique artistic technique.

A romantic and beautiful finale to this day of fashion discoveries.

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