The second edition of Global Talents Digital is taking place from 4 to 6 September, during which the Day of Moscow-based brands will be held. On September 4, at 2:40 PM (MSK), an exclusive broadcast of the show of Moscow sustainable brand RCP 4.5 will take place on the official @mbfwrussia TikTok account.

Astemir Umarov, a fashionable TikTok blogger with an audience of over 154K followers, will host the live stream from the venue. The Day of Moscow-based brands is supported by the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the city of Moscow.

Within sustainable edition of Global Talents Digital, TikTok is opening a special section on its platform dedicated to the topic of ethical fashion. In addition to the stream, a special section will host a series of live streams from stylists, fashion editors and bloggers dedicated to the topic of sustainability.

- Cosmopolitan Russia Fashion Editor Lana Nisnevich explains how upcycling became the coolest fashion trend of our time
- Stylist Alena will try to find an answer to the question on her live stream: is sustainable fashion a game or a necessity?
- Fashion blogger Lara Zharkova will share tips on how to choose cool second-hand looks.
- Igor Andreev, designer of the Vereja knitwear brand, will use his own experience to explain how to create a sustainable clothing brand from recycled materials.
- TikTok fashion blogger Astemir Umarov will talk live about secondary consumption and the benefits of second-hand goods for the environment.
- Stylist Valentina Wolf will give practical advice on how to find your individual style and stop buying everything.
Under the hashtag #этичнаямода (in Eng. #sustainablefashion), Global Talents Digital teamed up with TikTok to encourage social media users and viewers to post videos about sustainable fashion, conscious consumption and ethical behavior towards nature. The total audience of TikTok reaches 500,000,000 users.
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