June 12, 2020
The world's first hybrid fashion project Global Talents Digital, showcasing online new collections along with 100%-virtual ones, reached over 1,5 million views in social media in just via Facebook, Instagram and VK (Russian-origin social network). Global Talents Digital is fully online 2-day event, launched by Russian Fashion Council as a part of program that supporting emerging designers worldwide.
The first edition of Global Talents Digital on June 10-11, 2020 is presenting over 50 designer collections and digital artworks from 20 countries – Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Russia, USA, Peru, Poland, etc. Combining real and virtual collections, Global Talents Digital drives an attention to excessive consumption and environmental problems. Most of the GTD participants are following sustainable and ethical fashion practice.

To support sustainable future of fashion, Global Talents Digital has partnered with short video platform TikTok to launch a 2-day challenge with hashtag #rewiringfashion (#перезагружаюмоду in Russian). The main idea was to promote live-streaming event and to attract an attention of the general audience to overconsumption and changes that fashion industry faces due to coronavirus threats. The hashtag #перезагружаюмоду (#rewiringfashion) has been viewed over 8,5 million times, raising the actual number of social media hits of Global Talents Digital to 10 million in the first day. The challenge was joined by fashion designers and influencers like Linus Leonardsson, Igor Chapurin, Nataly Osmann, Karina Nigay, etc.

"The social media record-breaking number of Global Talents Digital just proves the format of digital fashion events. If properly produced and designers are well-selected, the online streaming event could attract enough attention globally. In case of cancelling physical fashion weeks because of COVID-19, such events as Global Talents Digital create a significant opportunity for emerging designers to be seen and tracked", - says Alexander Shumsky, President of Russian Fashion Council and Founder of Global Talents program.

"For now, we have just some social media stats reflecting the impact of Global Talents. The event keeps going Besides the social media, it is broadcasted via 100 fashion web-sites over the world. The advantage of digital fashion events is that it scores attention irrespective of brand names, if the content is cool. I would say that internet almost equals established and emerging designers – the content and creative side become very important, and this is good for up-and-coming brands", - adds Alexander Shumsky.

Earlier this season, on April 4-5, Russian Fashion Council has held the fully digital edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. The key fashion week in Eastern Europe was canceled due to COVID-19 for the first time ever since 2000, when it had been started. Live-streamed from Moscow, the digital fashion week has reached over 830 000 unique cross-platform viewers in 2 days.
In May 2020 Russian fashion Council in collaboration with Russian Union of Buyers has launched Pop-Up Zoom – a digital pop-up showroom which connects Russian brands and fashion stores.

Global Talents Digital is off-season international project that combines new cutting-edge fashion collections, digital art and virtual influencers in one event. Global Talents Digital is blurring the lines between actual fashion and virtual world, using the advantages of both. Some real collections were presented by virtual models. Some virtual influencers have presented their own digital fashion capsules along with real designers. GTD features AR and 'see now, buy now' options, making the streaming event quite interactive.

The second edition of Global Talents Digital is scheduled to August 2020.

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