Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia that took place in the Museum of Moscow came to a close. On October 23, the following brands held runway shows – BLCV, Jenesaq, Gerda Irene, SERGEY SYSOEV и M.I.R.277 (Natali Netski by Natalinetskifashionstudio, Volskaya by Milena Volskaya, Bebakids, Futura creations by Natalinetskifashionstudio & Asia Kotovasia). Moreover, the Fashion Week hosted some video presentations, including CUTE-SAINT (Nigeria), Yana Besfamilnaya, and NASTYA NEKRASOVA. Ansel brand was the one to present their collection in the Mercedes-Benz dealership center ABS AVTO Sochi. All the shows and presentations were streamed in the MBFW Russia official group in VK, the major social network of Russia and the CIS, as well as other partners' websites.

On October 23, the last issue of the reality show was live streamed in the MBFW Russia's official TikTok account (@mbfwrussia). On Day 5, the speakers shared practical advice on wardrobe essentials – comfortable heels, commodious bags, personal trendy uniform, wearable art, and copying of the celebrity looks. The live stream was participated by Sashel Coco, celebrity stylist; Olga Mikhailovskaya, director at Museum of Fashion, fashion writer for Vogue Russia and Kommersant), co-founder of Front online platform, founder of @frontfashion Telegram channel; Semen Utkin, creative director, director, stylist, author for @Maybe Art Telegram channel; Olga Salenko, senior editor at Grazia Russia; Maria Kotkova, stylist; Yulia Romanova, fashion editor at CosmopolitanRussia; Nikita Zakharov, stylist and TikTok blogger; Xenia Vasilyeva-Volgelerenter, stylist, journalist, fashion expert; Anna Lekontseva, founder and conceptual encourager of RigRaiser upcycling brand, founder of Russia's first multibrand upcycle goods store RigRaiser Lavka; Yuri Omelchenko, founder of @ARTpatrol – a Telegram channel about contemporary art, founder of Omelchenko Gallery, auctioneer, art dealer.

Anna Rudakova, businesswoman, founder of the Woman Who Matters Forum and the Award, WE Diversity&Sustainability, held a public talk about personal brand and efficient self-presentation.

On Day 5, the following brands presented their collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia:


Once again, a collaborative show by M.I.R.277 designers was held at MBFW Russia, namely Bebakids, Volskaya by Milena Volskaya, Futura creations, and Natali Netski. Accompanied by live music, professional and emerging models walked down the runway. Natali Netski by Natalinetskifashionstudio presented their collection La Soie (silk in French), all light, feminine and aesthetically pleasing. Wide leg tuck pants, asymmetric skirts, bandeaus, and jersey bike shorts – all for going out. Volskaya by Milena Volskaya demonstrated vivid clothes for teens and kids, with pink and blue colors in the lead. Bebakids brought more casual options for teenage girls. Their austere outlines and black&white sets can become a fine base in wardrobes of young fashionistas. The collaborative show was closed by Futura creations By Natalinetskifashionstudio & Asia Kotovasia, a project arranged by Natali Netski and Anastasia Leksakova. Their Phantasmagoria collection featured a magical world of illusions with sophisticated ensembles of slim-fit blouses and mini-skirts, which gave place to lose shirts and pants. Their geometric and animalist prints along with sequin-decorated fabric referred to Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick.

Catwalk: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/_r1F6i2x9fjAnQ

Video: https://youtu.be/jZk2nESchM0

CUTE-SAINT (Nigeria)

This emerging sustainable fashion brand went online with a relaxed unisex collection. Their capsule was based on a pajama-style black pants suit. Highlights were light prints, stripes, and tie-dye fabrics. The presented capsule appeared to be laconic, functional and great of every occasion, both for men and women. CUTE-SAINT feels proud of their original designs created on the basis of local-made natural fibers and batik – the most difficult way of hand-made textile painting.

Lookbook: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/lvBPMeMYWOYMkw

Video: https://youtu.be/ByzaAzXCDZc


Elena Mezhova, a designer of the emerging conceptual womenswear brand presented their new collection jubilating over beauty of art and women's body in collaboration with Alexandra Levasseur, a Canada-based artist and sculptor. Prints on overalls and shirts feature a new take on Surrealism, French symbolism, and artistic naivety. Natural delicately painted silk combined with texture shining jackets and bootcut pants appeared to be not only elegant, but also practical and down-to-earth.

Catwalk: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/eH8M27g8ofPoPw

Video: https://youtu.be/hVvfsAWii00

Yana Besfamilnaya

This brand brought a digital presentation that looked like the breaking news that the designers were willing to share. And it wasn't by chance – designer Yana Besfamilnaya got the insight about this collection on the spur of the moment, when she was contacted by owners of a denimwear shop, clothing down – they offered collaboration. This was how previously unwanted clothes put a start to the Upcycle collection – the designer constructed unique looks using second-hand feedstock with uncompromising cuts and care for details. Everyday utility wear was edged black and tie-dyed, jackets were created of two contrasting parts, and buttons were attached on the back. Step by step, Yana Besfamilnaya is moving towards the aim of being a sustainable brand.

Lookbook: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/rYPxBCqPBQlg7w

Video: https://youtu.be/iOxG2SxHFTM

Gerda Irene

Collection Umbra SS'22 (translated from Latin as illusion) by the brand looked organic and temperate. The basic concept of the collection is reincarnation, which matches the brand's ecological aspirations. The pieces were created with vintage fabrics – second-hand home textiles. Combinations of black and white colors, graphic expressiveness, appliqués, knitted inserts, embroidery and denim made every piece unique (not least because Gerda Irene creates her garments in single copies).

Catwalk: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/PQ0xy8SwntrwjA

Video: https://youtu.be/UP4WO6M4Pvk


Nastya Nekrasova, her brand founded in 2017, doesn't stop at the achieved and is always in pursuit of new ideas. Since 2020, following sustainable fashion code, the brand launched a digital clothing line, and that's why the new ME AND SOMEBODY ELSE collection was presented digitally and became a kind of a speculation on a person's mental health and dissociated personality. The designer believes that complexity of a human's nature makes its mind and behavior controversial, making every person comprise all the possible character features. The collection is made of high-quality materials and vintage textile and showcased specially designed prints with coupled sheep and Siamese twins.

Lookbook: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/G743GN3MqB233w

Video: https://youtu.be/PLRNQT-KNaE


This season at MBFW Russia, designer Ilya Bulychev presented a basic collection along with an upcycling mens- and womenswear collection made with samples and production wastes. The most peculiar looks were created in collaboration with Radical Chic – their denim elements were complemented with natural silk. Nordic minimalism, top quality outlines and vintage design went great with the accessories – glasses by a Siberian brand Brevno.

Catwalk: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/sTQ5YNtJmTKNeA

Video: https://youtu.be/OomPVnGB4nQ


The collection by the Moscow-based Ansel brand was live streamed from Mercedes-Benz dealership center ABS Avto Sochi. Since 2016, designer Ekaterina Antziborova had been designing elegant garments for women. The new collection comprised everyday, business and outer apparel. Wide leg and high waist pants were accompanied by single and double jackets. Regular fit overcoats are perfect for business and romantic meetings. The color palette was mainly of calm shades of grey, blue, black, whereas chequers and houndstooth ornaments won't ever be out of fashion. The collection appeared to be timeless and very pragmatic.

Catwalk: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/m8ZhNHLsk47bdA

Video: https://youtu.be/n8luHAZrtSM


Since 1996, Sergey Sysoev has been making clothing in compliance with his motto – "Every dress you make should be really needed by someone or why waste your time?" This season, models in silk gowns, asymmetric skirts and blouses walked down the runway to the sounds of nature. Midi and maxi skirts of streamy fabrics looks as feminine and romantic as possible. The collection wasn't called Magical Garden for nothing – its basic print image was the tulip, though the most peering viewers managed to spot the cosmic objects – the planets – on the garments.

Catwalk: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/SCCQbg8jweIGnQ

Видео: https://youtu.be/a4EQq-opL-g

Title partner of the Fashion Week: Mercedes-Benz.

Partner of the Fashion Week: Museum of Moscow.

The Museum of Moscow was founded in 1896 and is located in the Proviant Warehouses, an architectural memorial of federal importance. Their collection comprises about 800 thous. pieces, including an extensive set of archaeological artifacts. The Museum of Moscow embraces several departments, which are the Moscow Museum of Archeology, the Gyliarovsky's Center, and the Lefortovo History Museum. https://mosmuseum.ru/

Partners of the Fashion Week: Sardinia (Official partner), NIVEA (Official partner), EcoLine (Official eco-partner), MONÉ PROFESSIONAL (Official stylist), Metropol (Official partner hotel), and Möbel&Zeit (Official supplier).

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