The first exciting days of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia are taking place in the Museum of Moscow. On April 19, Moscow-based RUBAN presented their show. On April 20, #MBFWRussia shows took place in Milan and Moscow. Italian brands Hand Picked, Collini, Daniela de Souza, Vuarnet introduced their new collection at the Milan-based Sari Spazio showroom.

A second-hand clothing collection point is opened in the Museum of Moscow - next season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, participating designers will use these garments in their sustainable collections. Everyone was welcome at Zubovsky Boulevard 2 from 2 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. to hand-in their unwanted clothes. The collection point was opened till April 24. Please, make sure to check requirements to clothes accepted here: Some of the campaign participants were granted invitations to sustainable fashion shows at #MBFWRussia for this season or the next one.

MBFW Russia's interactive digital platform continues its work. Users are offered some online games. Visit the platform to download a checklist for finding inspo and a music playlist. These materials were made in collaboration with 50+ designers taking part in MBFW Russia. INSIDE Stylist School ( together with MBFW Russia prepared a guide for making and understanding a moodboard which can also be downloaded at the platform. All materials of Day 1 are available at

MBFW Russia launched a reality show on TikTok. On April 20, live streams were presented by Anna Makhorina, editor for Afisha Daily and writer for Post Wintour blog; Yulia Zavyalova, TV presenter at RU.TV; Isa Shengelia, artist and blogger (@flaffyx, 5.4 mln followers); Max Sluckys (@sluckysss, 1.4 mln followers); and Anna Kosulina, art director of fashion shootings and stylist. Live streams were attended by Olga Boyarinova, fashion artist, founder, owner and director of BOYARI and Olga Boyarinova couture; Vadim Merlis, founder of Leader by Vadim Merlis and teacher; Anna Lekontseva, designer and founder of RigRaiser, and others.

1. Ruban (Russia)

Over the eleven years of its existence, RUBAN has established itself as one of the most recognizable and dynamic representatives of the industry in the luxury segment. A number of iconic awards have confirmed the success of the design duo.

Fine workmanship with the most delicate fabrics, combinations of complex textures, multi-layered transformability distinguish RUBAN products. Each season, the designers present a new look at their image of a strong, self-confident woman who is not afraid of bold combinations and multi-component images that have become the hallmark of the brand.

In the Pret-a-Porter line, Julia and Alisa Ruban invented their own urban style with interesting designs, finishes, unexpected details and transformability. The homage to the architectural cut can be traced here in every product. In transforming jackets with detachable sleeves, and T-shirts with accentuated shoulders, as well as in the decoration of mini-skirts and sweatshirts with slits that allow you to make a kind of cape that resembles rounded arches of buildings in the Art Nouveau style. This line is decorated with a favorite technique of designers - the stitching. It was placed as a decoration on most of the collection, and also completely covered the coat. Only at first glance, the laconic elements of the cocktail dress code: an inverted tailcoat, a silk skirt with a cutout on the thigh and a silk top with an abundance of thin ties, reflect the idea of deconstructing and transforming the image depending on the mood or occasion. And if this part of the collection is responsible for creating unique, but at the same time comfortable everyday clothes, then the Demi Couture line with silks, feathers and lace is an area of designers' experiment on the topic of chic evening looks.

Here, a complex cut is complemented by no less complex manual processing of delicate natural fabrics. To create a coat and a skirt made of organza, RUBAN has developed a unique technique of positioning strips of fabric at a certain angle in order to reproduce the required volume of products. Mixing beauty, grand party styles and carpet runs the design duo here fully revealed their potential and created not things, but works of art. A skirt in the RUBAN FW'21 / 22 collection was fully assembled by hand from magnolia buds, separately embroidered on thick silk, which passed through this entire couture line as a leitmotif. This delicate flower is also found in the form of embroidery on a jacket and in the form of a stitch on a silk coat. Special attention should be paid to the luxurious leather trench coats, all the details of which were connected by painstaking hand-made embroidery.



2. PROfashion Masters (Russia)

Designers: Ksenia Demyanenko, Lyudmila Gorkovenko, Ksenia Vlasova, Evgeniya Sinkova, Emilia Tokranova, Nikolay Vorobyov

Ksenia Demyanenko from Ivanovo, who twice won the PROfashion Masters and was remembered by many members of the jury for her talented work with textile prints; Ksenia Vlasova and Evgenia Sinkova from Kazan, who received a special competition prize from the professionals in the production of clothing; Lyudmila Gorkovenko from Moscow, confidently working with complex design solutions; Nikolay Vorobyov from Omsk, who created a laconic, masculine, but at the same time very poetic collection; and Emilia Tokranova from Kazan, who managed to masterfully integrate elements of national color into the modern coat design.



2. VALENTINS (Israel)

VALENTINS is a digital fashion brand which operates in the intersection of fashion design, custom made projects, digital transformation and 3D fashion education. The designer devotedly declared to promote digital fashion and its sustainable benefits. He is sure that while people consume millions of pixels on a daily basis, it's the turn of the fashion world to make a big move towards digital transformation.



3. Gerda Irene

Gerda Irene is a young independent sustainable brand. All clothing and accessories are created from handcrafted fabrics and recycled vintage materials and fabrics, as well as recycled plastics. The fabrics that they produce are 100% hand-made, always in one copy and are woven on a hand loom, which significantly reduces energy and water consumption. They also do not use fabrics, in the production of which a lot of toxic substances and synthetics are emitted. The brand only works with environmentally friendly materials without chemical treatment. Approximately 60% of items are sewn entirely by hand or with partial use of hand seams. All clothes and hats are produced only in a single copy, in small collections and without repetitions. Exclusivity, antique fittings and manual labor - increases the price and significantly reduces the rapid consumption. The designer completely designs and sews all the clothes herself.

The inspiration for this collection was the art of the Renaissance and 60s. A lot of research has been done on antique hand-stitched seams, analysis of old patterns and authentic gold embroidery.



4. Sari Spazio Showroom: Collini, Sharra Pagano (Milan, Italy)

Collini is a luxury Italian fashion house founded in Milan in 1937. The brand was established by a family of couture makers who specialized in producing fashion for the gallant and glamorous at heart. The Sharra Pagano history starts in 1969 in Milan, a city in full swing, where a new generation of young people is emerging, whose creative potential comes from fashion and design.

Collini and Sharra Pagano threw a real party on the catwalk! Bright metallic, total gold, iridescent dresses with rhinestones or suits with feathers - each of the looks is designed to attract attention. Everyday things like trench coats, classic suits and cocktail dresses got a new side. In addition to the looks, Sharra Pagano jewelry was used - massive necklaces and earrings.



5. Sari Spazio Showroom: Hand Picked, Pantofola d'Oro (Milan, Italy)

The combination of high-quality yarn and Italian style defines the unique mix created by Hand Picked. From the outset the true excellence of the garments is guaranteed by high-quality denim, produced with fine cottons grown using low water-consumption methods. Pantofola d'Oro is an Italian manufacturer of football boots, clothing and leisure footwear. Established in Ascoli Piceno, Pantofola d'Oro has become synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship, legendary authenticity, and unmistakably Italian style. The show was held under the auspices of casual. Hoodies, trousers, shirts, coats, polos were presented on the models - comfortable and relaxed looks. Each piece reflects the brand's philosophy: a person who chooses such clothes is the leader of his generation and is responsible for his choice. Restraint in shades and cut, a minimum of finishing, the classic styles of the Hand Picked brand will suit those who have found their own style. Each look was complemented by sneakers from the Pantofola d'Oro brand.

6. It is ARTPIECE (Russia)

Ulyana Devivier, a young Russian designer from St. Petersburg, creates handmade collections based on the works of artists of the Art Deco style, inspired by the aesthetics of the era.

The collection is based on the cult of the woman - the Goddess. The synthesis of Art and fashion is embodied in handicrafts, in unity. Paintings are depicted on the backs of jackets, on the sleeves by painting techniques on fabric, hand embroidery with beads.

The collections are created from luxurious fabrics: smooth and pleated velvet, ornamented jacquard, transparent chiffon, lace, shiny costume fabrics. The collection is based on elongated jackets of a straight silhouette unisex, wide trousers, translucent blouses, vests. The collection is based on color contrasts. Crimson lipstick color and green (snakeskin color), royal blue, totally white and black.

7. Sari Spazio Showroom: Vuarnet, Pantofola d'Oro (Milan, Italy)


The creation of VUARNET took place in 1959, the brand made its debut in the United States as an official sponsor of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Drawing on an expertise acquired over more than twenty years as an official supplier to the most prestigious ski schools in the Alps, Vuarnet is writing a new page by presenting its skiwear and urban wear collection. So, the third show of the Milan showroom Sari Spazio was sporty. And if at first tracksuits were ideal for weekends in the mountains and skiing on the slopes, then at the end more lifestyle pieces were presented: short and elongated down jackets of different cuts - with hoods and reversible.

8. Sari Spazio Showroom: Daniela de Souza, Sharra Pagano (Milan, Italy)

After completing her fashion design degree at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, designer founded "atelier Daniela de Souza" in the heart of the fashion district of Milan, Italy. With her refined taste for fashion, she developed a unique and authentic style inspired by her multicultural experiences, creating a blend of traditional and modern fashion designs. The last Sari Spazio Showroom show turned out to be the most feminine and elegant. Evening dresses, flowing fabrics and large jewelry from Sharra Pagano brand did their job. Here there was a place for dresses of a very different cut: dress-jackets, maxi, combinations with transparent capes, tight-fitting or with a deep neckline. In addition, the Daniela de Souza brand presented several options for children's clothing.

9. M.I.R.277

The collective M.I.R. 227 show this time presented several collections with live accompaniment. The show featured various looks for women and children. Dresses and suits with transparent inserts, elegant embroidered hoodies, midi skirts combined with crop tops and elongated jackets, outerwear - it was versatile and bright. Children demonstrated trench coats with leather inserts and micro bags - nothing distinguished them from adult models. At the end of the show, the designers presented organza models: trousers, shirts and capes made of this fabric looked stylish.


"Le temps de l'amour, le temps des copains et des aventures" ("Time of love, time of friends and adventure") - this is the name of the new collection of the ELENA SOUPROUN brand. It includes feminine cocktail dresses, elongated blouses, light coats and contemporary suits. The variety of colors is definitely "catchy": Tiffany in combination with delicate coral, fuchsia, lemon yellow - such things will definitely add color to any wardrobe! As always, great attention is paid to the finishing and the choice of fabrics: the collection uses hand-woven and dyed moire adras, vintage silk snipe, textured silk crepes, antique devore velvet, silk velvet and hand-shirred silk muslin. And the embroidery and painting are created by hand.

11. Mercedes-Benz presents Emma Bruschi

A new short fashion film, premiering on the opening day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia on April 20 spotlights French talent Emma Bruschi through an exclusive insight to her creative process, and the sustainably-minded craftsmanship that makes her collections unique. This showcase during MBFW Russia is part of Bruschi's grant, having been recognised by Mercedes-Benz and Fashion Open Studio for her sustainable practice as the best in show during the mentorship programme at the 35th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories in Hyères. Bruschi also won the Chanel Métiers d'art 19M Prize.

Bruschi's label is defined by a compulsive focus on craft, working with raw natural materials: wicker, straw, hand-spun wool in techniques, which have been passed through generations. Fascinated by the people, flora and fauna of agricultural communities, Bruschi's "Almanach" collection looked for inspiration toward the farmers of the French Savoyard region, and their yearly almanac. A place where land is central for life, "Almanach" aims to reconnect with these communities, to restore their know-how and craft.

12. Semiletova

Designer Maria Semiletova once again focused on the enchanting power of a woman this season. Clean lines and precision cut create the perfect balance of rigor and elegance. The lyrical heroine of the collection is a confident and strong-willed woman, filled with inner strength and harmony. Despite the calm color palette, namely beige, white, black, green shades, the images turned out to be expressive and attractive. The collection mainly consists of fitted dresses and cardigans of maximum length, flowing fabrics give the models nobility and elegance. The cutting technique deserves special praise: high vents and cuts make long clothes comfortable for everyday life. In her work, the designer uses eco-friendly fabrics - organic cotton, recycled materials, eco-leather and eco-silk, and also prefers calm classic shades: beige, white, gray and black. The show of the Semiletova brand took place at Mercedes-Benz RUS sales salon.

13. Elisa De Cordova (Chile)

Chilean brand Elisa De Cordova uses solar energy and organic, natural and recycled fabrics for its work. As part of MBFW Russia, the brand held a light and sunny online presentation: a walk in the garden, glare, shadows - all this we meet quite often. The collection includes dresses and summer sundresses, knitted sweaters with a high neck, classic coats and blouses. When creating, only 3 colors were used - black, red and white.

14. Sasha Gapanovich

As part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, a designer from the Far North, Alexandra Gapanovich, presented the MOST collection (Mea Orbis Secretum Transitus, or my world is a secret passage), inspired by a trip to India. It displays a combination of poverty with luxury, and the idea of caste, and endless love for the holidays. Alexandra preferred large forms: oversized coats, quilted Bermuda shorts, jackets with voluminous shoulders, layering - everything really looks like grotesque carnival costumes. At the same time, classic prints were chosen: stripes, large and small peas. The main colors of the collection are red, black, blue, milky white, burgundy. Fluffy panamas and bonnets are added to the outfits.

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