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It seems like Spring has finally sprung in Moscow, with the weather looking better every day. The third round of fashions from MBFW Russia designers has arrived, and that meant that every visitor to Moscow's Manezh would find something to their liking at these shows.

KFW presents:

A special assortment of younger brands from Kazakhstan has always been an integral part of MBFW Russia - this time we were in for a range of teen and childrens fashion, from streetwear and casual wear, to full-fledged gorgeous evening gowns.


A punky and Vivienne-Westwood-inspired black and red collection, that showed us varied dresses and jackets, tartan skirts for teens, kids and toddlers.
Caps - military style - were all miniaturized just for the younger models.
Miniature leather biker jackets with red faux fur on the hem and stylish Burberry-style coats and skirts were especially impressive, and called to mind Great Britain during the Mod craze.
Cozy little wool jackets were accessorized with traditional British footwear of every young punk - Doc Martens.
A charming and rock-n-rolly collection for all the wild younger fashionistas.


A casual and streetwise assortment of garments, with dresses accessorized with statement black belts sporting the brands striking logo. Denim dresses and skirts, jackets, kimono-like dresses with embellishments and applique work on the back or criss-cross patterns of belts across the chest made this collection particularly stand out.
Cotton underskirts and lining of some garments showed the MBFW Russia guests a distinctive black and white arrow design, very reminiscent of traditional Kazakh ornaments and dresses.


An extensive childrens and teens gown and evening wear collection in blues, whites and violets, this would be of particular interest to anyone planning a wedding.
Shimmery satin was expertly layered and folded over tulle skirts, while the tops showed an attention to detail and sewing mastery that made this collection an almost bridal type of affair, perfect for little bridesmaids. Soft pastel tones were used throughout, giving this collection a wedding-cake feel.
Finishing off with a grand dress of crimson as if straight from an old Western, and a beautiful ephemeral gown in soft millennial pink.
PHOTO: https://yadi.sk/d/G1HXD4SLurPU-A

Global Talents supported by glo


A collection epitomizing young British fashion at the moment, effortlessly cool and in. Krishma graduated from the University of East London with a first class degree in BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles. Her graduate collection titled "I come to your country and steal all your jobs", is a satire political commentary regarding immigration, welfare and social housing. Inspired by Grenfell Tower, growing up in the 00s and the council estate her parents business was located on, she uses bold colours to convey her message. Krishma is interested in sustainability within fashion and repurposes fabric to create her successful design collection.
This new collection continues her eco-conscious work by repurposing materials and using found fabrics. Sweatshirts, leggings and sweatpants find a new life in her collection, which utilizes bold parody prints of British company logos ("scroungers" and "VISA SEEKER") over distressed and refurbished fabrics.
Chill, international and on point with her references to the (especially important these days) issues of immigration in Britain, this collection felt especially current and raised some of the most poignant questions arising in the international community today. Light cardigans of salad-green, combined with applique work and some oversized numbers - a true collection for the international, no-borders youth of today.
PHOTO: https://yadi.sk/d/M1rJW_lOKWNkcQ

H.A.R.D. by HSE Art&Design School

HARD is a brand conceived as a collective project of students of HSE design school. HARD is a creative laboratory of young designers, where they have the opportunity to express their opinion on fashion and demonstrate it in a professional format. Each year, HARD presents a collection that unites students work within a single theme and format. The theme for this year was OUTER SPACES, an exploration of space and consciousness, new forms and expanded reality, the world as it sees a man who fell to Earth: the collection HARD 005 - a futuristic motifs through the eyes of twenty-year-old style as a search and flight of imagination.
Presented by third-year students, the initial part of the collection took us right to outer space - silvery jackets and shirts, futuristic dresses of white cotton, holographic bags and neoprene sweatshirts.
Later in the show we saw fantastic one-shoulder coats and sleek catsuits, alien bodysuits and long acid-green latex gloves which always accompanied these looks of space travelers ready for their first cosmic walk. Highlights included a structured pair of shorts in iridescent material and several cool looks composed of asymmetric jumpsuits from space-age fabric, as well as a gigantic puffer jacket. Accessorized with sci-fi shades and ready for lift-off, this presentation by the esteemed HSE students is hard to forget - looks like this spacewalk on the catwalk has been a resounding success.
PHOTO: https://yadi.sk/d/1pJMA3r5qFYkUQ

Global Talents supported by glo


Iveta's is a fashion brand for women, based in Riga, Latvia and created in 2017. She studies at one of the strongest academic schools in Latvia, the Art Academy of Latvia, in the Fashion design course. Iveta has been a fashion stylist for the past 10 years, and has transformed her experience into a qualitative fashion brand for the modern, elegant and contemporary women.
This new collection, titled MELANCHOLIA III - ETHNOGRAPHY II, and explores the heritage of 18th and 19th century Latvian national costume, the colors of the time, silhouette, old techniques of folding the fabric and elegant play with the distinctive elements of the time.
That means - incredibly elegant grey dresses with a low decolletage, high heels and beautiful black or grey top hats of luscious velvet.
A sombre and meaningful mood descended over the catwalks of MBFW Russia - it's as if these ladies have stepped out of an elegant historical illustration.
Skirts - wide and long, gently folded onto themselves or cut into long, black ribbons to accompany simple, pure-white oversize shirts.
Shoulders on many of the dresses and jackets were accentuated, giving the collection an otherworldly, antique feel. Long, flowing sleeves and scarves were selected and tailored with the precision of a professional designer - you can easily imagine the late Karl Lagerfeld creating a collection like this. A highlight of the evening for sure. Global Talents project has been arranged by the Russian Fashion Council with support of the Public Chamber of the Moscow Region and started in January 2019. Global Talents is also supported by glo.
PHOTO: https://yadi.sk/d/uLtw0JT6X8B67Q

SOCIAL PROJECT: High Five! Designer of the future

The "High Five Awards! Designer of the Future" contest is a part of the annual national television awards "High Five Awards!". Within a few months aspiring designers under the age of 17 have sent more than 2,000 applications from across the country. All sketches were created specifically for the red carpet appearances of celebrities at "High Five Awards!". The expert council of the contest included Lina Arifulina, the general producer of "High Five Awards!", Alexander Shumsky, president of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, designer Igor Gulyaev.

The experts selected more than 20 sketches. The finalists of the competition are teenagers from Izhevsk, Vladikavkaz, Krasnodar, Chita, Ulyanovsk, Volgorechensk, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nalchik, Voronezh, Omsk and other Russian cities. Lina Arifulina, the general producer of "High Five Awards!", shares her vision: "This contest is about childrens dreams. It is important to show that there are many creative teenagers in our country, we want to develop their initiatives and we can provide them with a social support. We have launched "High Five Awards!", where only kids and teens decide which celebrity is the coolest, the trendiest and the most relevant now. So why not give children an opportunity to self- express themselves even more? Let them create a red-carpet outfit for their favourite star". A creative team led by well-known Russian designer Igor Gulyaev is working on production of outfits based on the sketches of young designers.

It was fascinating to see designs by children realized by well-known Russian designers. Bold, beautiful statement pieces were on show today - big pearl belt buckles on looks that wouldn't look out of place in a latest installment of the Star Wars franchise, charming prints depicting electrical plugs and sockets, black and white dresses that Cruella de Vil would die for - all accompanied by small quotes by the young designers themselves.

Excellent dressing gowns with bright red stripes betrayed an early feel for texture and color in the young designers. Theatrical avant-garde garments of multicolored PVC and gold/black jumpsuits straight out of Kill Bill kept this collection bright and energetic. Messages of hope, dreams and positive reinforcement from the young designers played along with the show.

Many traditional Chinese, Kazakh and Uzbek influences were also found in this collection, rounding up a varied, eclectic and invigorating look at the work of these budding talents. For the finale, the models presented the young designers to the ecstatic public, with the top prize of the competition going to Katerina Borodovskaya of Ulyanovsk, who presented a beautiful gown inspired by Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa".
PHOTO: https://yadi.sk/d/i_gpoBYrUWyn0Q


BELLA POTEMKINA is one of the most recognizable, popular and successful Russian fashion brands.
Clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, clutch bags, hats and sunglasses by BELLA POTEMKINA are chosen by stylish, self-confident, positive women who prefers to be in the spotlight, who was born to delight and surprise.
Brand logo (refined silhouette of a female profile) has been recognized as a mark of quality and
synonymous with style. All of BELLA POTEMKINA products are made in Russia by high-class masters.
Neon green, yellow and orange were on the menu today, with beautiful Chanel-style dresses accentuated by stripes of pitch black or zebra print.
The 1980s were in full swing last time we saw women's power suits crafted this well - broad shoulders, statement buttoning down the front of the column skirts and patterns - Bella Potemkina's know-how.
Cinched at the waist and accessorized with matching neon-yellow handbags and giant silver sunglasses, along with long, flowing scarves, the models looked ready to strut into a male-dominated meeting room in Downtown Manhattan and show them who's boss.
Zebraskin-printed bows on shoes, kiss prints of all colors and Potemkina's trademark female silhouette were everywhere - accentuating the straps on the dresses.
Besides gowns, there were also athleisure and swimsuit looks and simple, Summer essentials for that holiday in Bali you've been putting off.
With neon-yellow oh-so-hot this season, you'll be sure to make a big splash in one of the fun numbers from this expansive collection.
PHOTO: https://yadi.sk/d/LbFnvM5iSkgMWw


The main slogan of the all-new BÁKHTIN collection is "a crisis in the world, hip-hop in the air. time to save a rock-roll". With this collection, the designer is trying to popularize the culture of rock music in the present, which has lost its power and strength. And rocked it did - under a brutal Marilyn Manson soundtrack, the designer has shown a wildly eclectic gathering of rock'n'roll looks - long punk coats and jackets, tartan dresses, ripped jeans, collars made of shiny pleather belts and long sweaters printed with the designer's trademark tributes to Sid and Nancy, portraits of Freddie and Jim Morrisson, the Seditionaries store, tabloid pages and customer receipts.
This DYI esthetic - in style, but not execution - has served the brand well, keeping it in style - because rock never goes out of style.
A sexy, dirty and beautiful serving of rock'n'roll extravagance, this designer is one to watch.
PHOTO: https://yadi.sk/d/NfrY32KHB5Lu8Q


The "Russian Armani", an ambassador of contemporary Russian fashion and one of the most popular Russian designers, who has been designing costumes for theatrical productions of the Bolshoi Theatre and is represented in Europe, Asia and America, presented his collection as a grand finale to the day. With clear influences from Calabasas and New York fashions, such as the outfits of Bella and Gigi, the new collection by CHAPURIN was titled "Your Style in a Different Angle". Slicked-back hair and chunky sunglasses made perfect accessories to this minimalist, sleek collection. Little black tops, and breast straps were accompanied by leather pants, light silk capes and blood-red shorts.

Dramatic looks were contrasted by CHAPURIN's signature printing style, and graphic designs of narcissus flowers and abstract bodies and faces looked unique and understated. Large crimson mens jackets for the ladies and statement necklaces of gold and silver were introduced later in the show, along with shiny sheer raincoats and kinky shoulderless dresses.

A collection for a Parisian no-nonsense girl, who can change from a metropolitan socialite into a vicious dominatrix in an instant. Hedi would love this one! Accessorized with special leather straps and belts, many carrying the newest glo devices, this turned out to be a sharp and sexy ending to this fascinating day.
PHOTO: https://yadi.sk/d/BIfqWgyrdAn55A

Alena Akhmadullina

A true pioneer of Russian fashion industry, Alena Akhmadullina has been presenting her runway looks at Paris Fashion Week Pret-a-Porter shows since 2005. Alena's collections are smart and feminine; she skillfully combines sharp tailoring, bright colors, luxurious fabrics, sophisticated textures and modern sewing techniques. A beautiful Autumn/Winter collection presented in the Museum of Moscow, utilizing shimmering greens and earth tones, combined with prints of fish and exotic animals. Coats of leather and fur were the mainstay of the collection, and stole the show.

Combinations of tans and deep blues, emerald green and bronze were shown, while the runway itself was deeply covered with red fallen leaves.

Graphic prints were featured on dresses and skirts, while coquettish little fascinators transported the audience into the 1940s. Luscious coats were the main attraction though, coming in muted tones of green, white and blue.

Finishing up the show was a selection of evening gowns from the finest tulle, as if from one of Pushkin's works.
PHOTO: https://yadi.sk/d/Qcqp9Dbi2fgtNQ

Two wonderful performances by up-and-coming Russian pop stars - AnDy Darling and Pasha Rudenko - both from the televised competition "Songs on TNT", were featured today, bringing bright talent from both sides of the Atlantic (AnDy Darling is a native of Nashville) and adding some pizzazz to the days glamorous shows.

MUSIC SET | AnDy Darling "Songs on TNT" https://yadi.sk/d/2h_MkV8THAXoag
MUSIC SET | Pasha Rudenko "Songs on TNT" https://yadi.sk/d/H5SGmJrxadwQZw
MUSIC SET | Alexander Anatolyevich https://yadi.sk/d/bXmi0J8P0Ej7YQ
DJ SET | Alexander Nuzhdin (UMAKER) https://yadi.sk/d/cSrp1sk9fgAOpw

STREETSTYLE https://yadi.sk/d/5JE7W3RLlZYXNw
BEHIND THE SCENES: https://yadi.sk/d/ordaXivC4fabww
CATWALK VIDEO: https://yadi.sk/d/_lsS9FKaZAW0wA
GUESTS: https://yadi.sk/d/RfRePD7m9R4erQ
POP-UP SHOP https://yadi.sk/d/M7gmtQo94E7aaQ

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