Russian Fashion Council and TIKTOK rewiRing fashion
June 10, 2020
Global Talents Digital and the top short video platform TikTok start a new collaborative challenge#перезагружаюмоду (in english #rewiringfashion). This year, the lockdown made everybody take thought about what we buy, how and why. The fashion industry encountered the new reality: designers wish to change the fashion calendar and the fashion system to spend less resources and to better answer the consumer demand. #перезагружаюмоду (in english #rewiringfashion) challenge is aimed to focus on the changes in the fashion world, as well as the overconsumption issue.

Have you ever dreamt of clothes and accessories pictured on the mirror transforming into real ones at the flick of a switch? Would you like clothes to serve longer, and fashion trends not to change that fast? Will you personally help to rewire fashion together with designers and celebrities TikTok?

The collaborative challenge by TikTok and Russian Fashion Council has already been joined by Alena Akhmadullina, Regina Turbina, Lisa Tyan, Alina Charova, Karina Sherer, Kenanovskaya, Korolera Lera, Lara Zharkova and Andy Lee.

#перезагружаюмоду (in english #rewiringfashion) challenge follows in the footsteps of the world's top designers. The first to speak about the necessity of changes was Dries Van Noten, and later the internet faced the #rewiringfashion petition. It was signed by Missoni, Haider Ackermann, Isabel Marant, Oscar de la Renta, and almost 2,000 fashion professionals from across the globe, who believed that today's fashion cycle was hurting the industry, the consumers, and the environment. #rewiringfashion presents a compact crisis bailout plan against the coronavirus situation, when sales rocket down or even zero, and priorities change.

"Russian Fashion Council has long been using the principles formulated in the #rewiringfashion concept. Coronavirus has pushed the professional fashion community towards radical change, but it won't be as efficient unless the audience supports it. The idea of the challenge in TikTok #перезагружаюмоду (in english #rewiringfashion) during Global Talents Digital is to bring everybody's attention to the issues of overproduction and consumption through the lens of technologies. A good photo or video can be shot with some pictured clothes, actually. Sustainability, or sustainable fashion – this is the key trend in 2020," said Alexander Shumsky, President of Russian Fashion Council and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

In the virtual Global Talents Digital project, most of the participants support sustainable fashion and try to deal with overproduction and recycling issues. Thus, ophelica and Shell will present completely digital collections, just like virtual model Kim Zulu – such collections don't need any actual materials to make them. DANIIL KOSTYSHIN will deliver a mixed collection, featuring both digital and real clothes, the latter made of recycled plastic.

Besides, many designers support zero-waste or upcycle concepts. For instance, ANNAIS YUCRA (Peru) and Florentina Leitner (Austria/Belgium) use in their collections deadstocks from textile plants or other designers' collections. Clothes by Australian JAKE LIU are multifunctional, and pieces can be easily transformed: thus, an overcoat can become a bag or a shirt.

Designers specially focus on sustainable and hi-tech fabrics. For instance, Argentinean brand CHAIN use bio-degradable materials and natural dyes in the collections, and follow zero-waste production concept. French brand Svoboda Ravenstvo Bratstvo apply environmentally safe fabrics, too.

Another sustainable fashion principle is to support local production instead of seeking low-cost human resources in other countries. About 70% of AFTER WORK STUDIO's collections are made in their native country, Switzerland. Moreover, the label uses materials that comply with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

The fashion industry is one of the major contributors into the global waste dump. According to experts, 85% of produced clothes aren't recycled, but simply dumped. Minor capsule collections and make-to-order clothing is one of the trends in sustainable fashion, intended to reduce numbers of unclaimed pieces. For instance, OLA OLA make clothes only for individual customers and use the fabrics cuts in their accessories. RABBITHOLE support the eco-awareness trend, too: they present limited capsules, making all their pieces from natural yarn untreated with chemical agents.

As a part of collaboration of Global Talents Digital and TikTok, the designers will tell how to create digital clothes. On June 10, 4 p. m., fashion designer Bayat Akerov will deliver a workshop "Making a digital sweatshirt." On June 11, 4 p. m., designer of ophelica brand, author of the first digital look sold in Russia, will share on creating digital clothes and trying it on your photo.

Let us remind you that on June 10 to 11, Global Talents Digital is taking place, the world's first hybrid international online fashion project, bringing together real designer collections with the digital ones. Virtual and real models will showcase the new collections. Virtual Instagram celebrities will deliver their personal digital collections. 50 participants from 20 countries will demonstrate their collections and works as video presentations, some of them featuring AR technologies and digital avatars. Fashion will be complimented with visual art: 3D artists will make some digital works specially for Global Talents Digital. For two days, the streams can be followed at MEGOGO media service, as well as 100 other websites across the globe.

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