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march 2018
An innovative education program intended to help young designers learn the latest trends and find their place in the fashion industry. 10 young entrepreneurs take an intensive 6-month education program. It includes workshops with international experts, successful entrepreneurs of the fashion industry, covering such aspects as new technologies, digital economy, financial and legal issues, modern sales and promotion tools.
Andrey Deineko – Development Director of the Russian Fashion Council
Andrei Purtov – Curator of the marketing and brand management program at the British Higher School of Design
Anna Zaytseva – Creator of the blog and the Internet Marketing school
Vasily Osadchiy – Head of Sales Department at DHL Express
Ekaterina Zalyuk – Co-founder of 3D Cap Scanning Studio
Ivan Vinogradov – Operations Director of Print Bar
Kabanova Veronica – Startup and Community Manager at NUMA business accelerator
Leonid Alekseev – Curator of the Design School at Higher School of Economics, designer
Natasha Binar – Brand strategist at Academy of Fashion & Design Germany Berlin Catwalks
Olga Sereda – CEO and founder of the Kvarta company
Pakhomova Anna – Training and Development Director of Tiffany & Co
Salvatore Amura – IED, Instituto Europeo di Design
Sumenkov Grigory – Partner and Commercial Director of Textile and Technology
Sergey Korotaev – KOROTAMBA brand designer, World Skills Russia expert, teacher at the RBIU Higher School of Design
Thimo Schwenzfeier – Marketing and Communications Director of Textiles & Textile Technologies, Head of Messe Frankfurt Texpertise Network
Yury Yefremov – Founder and CEO of Textile and Technology
alias lagina, EXO-Meso
Alisa Filichkina, FILICHKINA
Elena Rusakova, Fictional Things
Zhenya Mikhailova, Lala Laguna
Karina Kobzeva, Ms.K-Rina, линейка VERVE
Kira Konovich, BoChicca
Ksenia Gertz, Gerts Clozing
Maria Nizovtsova, Marusia Nizovtsova
Polina Lyapina, POPMOLLY
october 2017
During development of the FashionNet roadmap in autumn 2017,
the Russian Fashion Council and Skolkovo held the first business accelerator for young designers – Fashion Futurum Accelerator.
Alexander Volodarsky – Founder of Print Bar
Anna Klinskova – Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DHL
Anton Pushkov – Managing Partner of the Skolkovo Intellectual Property Center
Ekaterina Inozemtseva – Vice President of Strategy at Skolkovo Foundation
Andrey Deineko- Executive Director of Esper Group
Anton Kozlov – Founder of 4Fresh, CEO of BLACK SUN
Arseniy Uralov – President of Accelerator Association
Elena Bugranova -President of the Russian Buyers Union

Elena Krauzova – Forbes Journalist
Leonid Alekseev – Curator of the Design School at the Higher School of Economics, designer
Mikhail Kondratenko – Co-founder of Sc-tek
Nikolay Ponomarenko – CEO at Posh Space
Petr Kazakov – Commercial Director of Navigine
Oleg Klepikov – Head of the Center for Applied Neuroeconomics and Cognitive Studies
Oleg Barannik – Partner for StartUpBase
Sergey Mitrofanov – Development Director of Pulsar Ventures
Yuri Mitin – Director of Startup Academy Program at Business School

The winner is Snezhana Paderina
The collection of the Fashion Futurum Accelerator winner is SNEZHANA.NYC
march 2017
One of the highlights of the week was definitely the two-day Fashion Futurum International Conference.

Karim Rashid – Designer (USA)

Pascal Moran
– Executive President of the French Federation of Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter (France)

Carlos Espinoza de los Monteros
– Authorized representative of the Government of Spain in the Marca Espana program; Ex-Vice President of Inditex (Spain)

Covadonga O'Shea
– Founder of the ISEM fashion business school, author of best-selling books (Spain)

Princess Beatrice of Orleans – President of the Spanish Luxury Association, Dior Ambassador (Spain)

Michael Burke - Head of Fashion at Sports & Toys, Google (USA)

Sylvie Ebel
– Executive Director of Institut Francais de la Mode (France)

Danilo Venturi
– Dean of the International Institute of Fashion at Design and Marketing Polimoda (Italy)

Dmitry Peskov – Director of Young Professionals at ASI (Russia)

Mark Jarvis – Managing Director of World Textile Information Network, strategist in business and finance (UK)

Alexander Shumsky – Executive President of the Russian Fashion Council; President of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia (Russia)

Alla Verber – Vice President of Mercury; Fashion Director of TSUM (Russia)

Joffrey Willis – Managing Director of Trigon Select (UK)

Filippo Cheroni
– General Director of Grazia Bagnaresi (Italy)

Evgeny Kovnir
– Deputy Director of Young Professionals at ASI (Russia)

Evgeniy Pen
– Head of the Unified Depository of Intellectual Activity Results (Russia)

Kirill Tishchenko
– Project Manager in Investment Department of Skolkovo Foundation (Russia)

David Monteith – Director of Fashion & Apparel at Flextronics (USA)

Amanda Parks
– Head of Technology and Research at Manufacture NY (USA)

Alexander Kibovsky – Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of the Moscow Department of Culture (Russia)

Jeffrey M. Aronsson – Founder and Managing Director of Aronsson Group LLC (USA)

Alexander Korchevsky – Partner for I2BF Global Ventures (Russia)

Don Lim
– Director of the Center for Creative Economics and Innovation (CCEI), (South Korea)

Gary Stewart
– Director of Wayra (UK)

Ekaterina Inozemtseva
– Vice President of Skolkovo Foundation (Russia)

Marvin Liao – Partner for 500 Startups (USA)

Xiaolai Lu
– General Vice Secretary at Shanghai Fashion Week (China)

Craig Arend
– Expert on Virtual and Augmented Reality, founder of Altamira NYC (USA)

Alberto Crivelli – Partner and co-founder of AMTF Avvocati (Italy)

Jusi Bettoni
– Managing Director and Founder of C.L.A.S.S. Eco Textile Library (Italy)

Pia Lehtinen
– Founder of the business club, Design Club; Chairman of the Board at Design District Helsinki (Finland)

Marina Kokorina
– President of RusEcoModa, founder of the Eco Fashion Week Project and the Indigra brand (Russia)

Amanda Parks
– Head of Technology and Research at Manufacture NY (USA)

Eddie Mullon – President of Launchmetrics, founder of Fashion GPS (USA)

Scott Emmons – Head of Innovation at Neiman Marcus (USA)

Anna Klinskova – Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DHL Express (Russia)

Julia Pirovano - Istituto Marangoni (Italy)

Dr. Claudio D. Martelli
– Operations Director of Production and Technology at Trigon Select Ltd (UK)

Joffrey Willis
– Managing Director of Trigon Select Ltd (UK)

Oksana Shpitalnikova
– Head of the Customs Operations Department at DHL Express in Russia (Russia)

Ekaterina Shakina – Project Manager of Young Professionals projects at ASI (Russia)

Olivia Spinelli – Designer, Head of the Fashion Department at Istituto Europeo di Design

Giorgia Laureti, Parisi Luciano – Graduates of IED Milan

Olga Melkova – Regional Manager of the European Institute of Design (IED), Expert in English-language education in Italy (Russia)

Victor Evtukhov – State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade

Dmitry Kolobov – Head of the Department for Socially Significant Goods Industry Development at Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (Russia)

Igor Bartsits / Moderator / – Director of the Institute for Public Administration and Management of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)

Konstantin Karczmarski
– Advisor for the Innovations Department at ITMO University; Founder of CLMI Ventures (Russia)

Alexey Bazhenov
– General Director of the web-site

Sergey Karnaukhov – Head of the Alliance of Russian Art Engineers, Associate Professor at the Department of Market Economy Legal Support in the Department of Higher School of Jurisprudence at RF Presidential IGSU RASHiGS (Russia)

Tatyana Rivchun – Deputy Dean at HSE School of Design (Russia)

Lyudmila Novoselova
– Chairman of the Intellectual Rights Court, Professor, Doctor of Law (Russia)

Svetlana Andrianova
– President of Faraday Company CJSC (Russia)

october 2016
Russia has never seen such a high-end international forum yet, and even if several dozens of visitors have at least given a tiny thought to their prospects in the fashion industry, that's a great victory.

Alexei Borovkov (Vice Rector for Advanced Projects in the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great)

Lau Hecklair (CEO of Geometry Global)

Arseny Gromov (Director of Investments, Rambler & Co)

Alexey Gusev
(Director of Innovative Ecosystem Development at RVC)

Ivan Dementiev (Dean of the Technology Entrepreneurship Department at the Moscow State Mechanical Engineering University (MAMI))

Kirill Ignatiev
(Chairman of the Board of Directors, GC "Russian Investments")

Ekaterina Inozemtseva,
(Vice President of Skolkovo Foundation)

Rifad Isliaev
(Executive Director of the Fund for Promotion of Venture Investments in Small Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere of St. Petersburg)

Jusi Kannone
(Managing Director of the Fashion Technology Accelerator),

Evgeny Kovnir
(Deputy Director of Young Professionals at the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI)),

Tatiana Komissarova,
(Dean of the Higher School of Marketing and Business Development, HSE),
Vladimir Kosteev (Executive Director of the Club of iR&D Directors),

Ruslan Mamedov (Head of the Center for Youth Entrepreneurship Development, Plekhanov Russian Power Academy),

Alexey Olin (Chairman of the Foundation Board at IVenturer Foundation),

Evgeniy Pen (Founder of the Unified Depository of Intellectual Activity Results, JSC),

Ekaterina Petrova
(Head of Venture Market Infrastructure Development at RVC, Manager of GenerationS Accelerator),

Stefan Rabimov
(Silicon Valley expert, Director of the Social Media Center and Fashion School at the Academy of Art University),

Sharif Sakr, Technology Strategist at 28 Knots Ltd; Commentator for Forbes, BBC, Engadget),

Sergey Sarkisov (Vice President of NOVARD Corporate Group),

Lyudmila Taborskaya
(Director of IMG Fashion Russia),

Vladimir Reshetnyak
(Executive Director of Meucci Group),

Alexander Shumsky
(Executive President of the Russian Fashion Council; President of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia).
Metro Masks
«Dream sweatshirt»

march 2016
Russia's first fashion startup show called Fashion Futurum Startup Show came to Europe.

Third Wave Fashion
Mario Bozelli – Honorary President of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (Italy)

Carlo Capasa – President of the Association Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (Italy)

Sarah Maino – Project Manager at Vogue Talents (Italy)

Alexander Kibovsky – Head of the Moscow Department of Culture

Danilo Venturi, Dean of the Polimoda fashion school (Italy)

Giulio di Sabato, President of the Assomoda association (Italy)

Covadonga O'Shea, Founder of ISEM Fashion Business School in Madrid, author of the best-selling book The Man from Zara (Spain)

Stefan Siegel, Founder and CEO of Not Just A Label (UK)

Yurate Gurauskaite (Editor in Chief at InStyle Russia)

Stefan Rabimov, Director of the Fashion Journalism Department and the Center for Social Media, the Academy of Fine Arts of San Francisco (USA)

Pia Lehtinen, Chairman of the Board, Design District Helsinki (Finland)

Mauro Galligari, Founder and CEO of Studiozeta (Italy)

Eddie Mullon – Managing Director of Launchmetrics, founder of Fashion GPS (UK)

Cyril Duval, Special Projects Director of the Flash Art magazine (USA)

Craig Arend, Fashion photographer, consultant, Virtual Reality expert (USA)

Lee Ann Grant, Vice President of (USA)

Alexander Shumsky, President of the Russian Fashion Council and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Blanka Moro, Co-founder of O'Shea & Moro Fashion Business Consulting, expert in creative management for fashion companies (Spain)

Vasily Tsereteli, Executive Director of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Russia)

Denis Simachev, Designer (Russia)

Lars Petersen, Digital Director of Visionaire (USA)

Lyudmila Taborskaya, Director of IMG Fashion in Russia

Sarah Adzone, Campus Director of European Institute of Design IED in Milan (Italy)

Karl Valdekrantz, CEO of Tictail (Sweden)

Danit Peleg, Designer, expert in 3D printing (Israel)

Barbara Trebit, Head of the Fashion Department at Domus Academy (Italy)

Filippo Cheroni, CEO of Grazia Bagnaresi (Italy)

Ignacio Sierra, President of the European Branded Clothing Alliance (Belgium); CEO of Grupo Cortefiel (Spain)

Viktor Evtukhov, State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Natalia Pochinok, Rector of the Russian State Social University

Nadya Valeva, President of the European Fashion Council (Bulgaria)

Kate Bethune, Senior Researcher at Victoria & Albert Museum (UK)

Kaat Debo, Curator, Director of Antwerp ModeMuseum MoMu (Belgium)

Alexander Shulgin, Visionary, venture investor, author (Russia)

Vladislav Chernovetskiy, Director of the Creative Content Studio (Russia)

Denis Pak, Director of the Department for Domestic Trade, Light Industry and Consumer Market Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
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